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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So I just became a victim of Fraud and I was shocked at some of the responses I got from Fido. 

Someone pretended to be me and ordered an iPad. How I found out ? I got an email that an item was ready to ship, so I logged into the account and saw that a new line was added (the ipad). I then checked my personal info and the email address was changed to **** and their 2 numbers with asterisks. 

I then got a message from purolator with a tracking number.


I quickly contacted fido and they couldnt do anything unless I contacted the fraud department. So I asked them for the address the item is going to and they gave it to me. It's being delivered to Montreal. 


I then got  ticket in for the fraud department and was told they would contact me within 48 hours. So I told them are you going to stop the shipment and the response I got back was shocking. They said that they basically didn't care that the scammer got the product or not but to ensure I won't be charged. Great, I wasn't going to get charged anyway and was going to make sure of that. But I also don't want the scammer to win. No wonder they keep doing this because no one cares if they get the product. 

Heck, I should get this free item for catching this. Geeze. 


So I contacted the shipping company and they put in a request to stop it but I had to contact them the day of the delivery to ensure it won't get delivered.


This is absolutely ridiculous. 


Fido needs to have some strong security or authorization and not, well we thought you were sending it to a loved one in Montreal....



Hey @SusanneCupido, Alex here and I'll be happy to help.


I'm sorry to see that this happened to you. Keep in mind that a fraud like this means that someone had enough of your information to access your account themselves. We do everything that we can to protect our customers, but we can't protect you if someone already has your information. That's why it's extremely important to never share your personal details. 


That being said, once something like this is reported to our fraud team, you can be sure that we handle it very seriously. We'll do an investigation internally and as it was already mentioned to you, you will not be charged for something like this. After this point, the situation will be resolved but it's important to remain vigilant.


You can always get in touch with our customer service here if you need more help with this.