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FIDO charged me after leaving FIDO network

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there,


One of my numbers was switched to Chatar from FIDO network on June 19, 2021. I got message from FIDO to approve or decline switch to Chatar at 5:12 PM Pacific time and immediatley replied yes and FIdo SIM card was not working after that. Thus, I put new Chatar SIM card and made a call to Nepal but strange thing is FIDO is charging me for international call and Chatar is also charging. For Chatar it makes sense because I was using their SIM card at the time call was made. I tried to talk with customer service representaivete for two three time and wasted around 3 hours for nothing. I was Fido customer since 2016 but I always got similar issue. 


Note: I requested to block international call from my FIDO number several time so it is more strange to face this issue.



At last I can sense that it is not possible to call to one number at same time from two different provider. Please help. Thanks