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Suddenly getting "not registered on network" message, can't use phone!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hello, I have Fido prepaid on my phone, same number for several years, I did nothing to change anything, and suddenly I can't use the phone at all, make or receive calls or messages, it's giving me the "not registered on network message"! I can't even contact Fido on it!! I have almost a hundred dollars worth on the phone, please help me to reconnect! Thanks


Hello SanSam, sorry to hear that you don't have any service on your phone right now. Did you try taking your sim card out, and restart your device then power down again and put the sim back in and power up again?  Sometimes the sim card moves a bit and doesn't quite register on the network. You can also try the sim in another phone to see if it's the sim or your phone. Let me know if you get your service back. Luck to you.