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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



Going to US for a week in May 2023.

Current plan:

50GB, Talk & Text
Data 50GB
Unlimited Canada-wide Calling


As I understand, when I arrive in the US, I will recieve an e-mail which will then prompt me to turn on Roaming mode. When I turn it on, I'll have full access to my Canadian data plan, charged @ 12$CAD/day.

Even though I turn off roaming, talk and text is still charged (or it seems like txt might not be charged). I can only get rid of those charges by going into airplane mode.


Txt within the US and To Canada are covered under my current Canadian plan.

To call within US or Canada (I will be charged the 12$CAD/day for this) and I need to enter fancy "country codes" for this, US/Canada ( 1), need to hold down 0 to get the + sign first.

This is correct or did miss anything?



Hello @Tr4velguy,


Welcome to the community!


Firstly you will not receive any text to activate the Fido roam the roaming feature is always active, the text message will just tell you that you can roam and what the charges will be. To avoid those charges it is best to put your phone on airplane mode or take out the SIM card. Personally, I have a roaming block on my line so I never have to worry about roaming fees when traveling.


Your plan does not allow you to text for free within the US it's only free to send text messages to a US number from within Canada.