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FIDO Pathetic Customer Service/Supervisor

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Today I called Fido and spoke to the customer service with my request. My request was for fido perks. Today in Fido perk there was stuffed cheesy bread. I received the email from Fido at 8:01 AM MST. I opened the email at that point and checked the offer and accordingly I opened my account app and saw that it says all gone. I requested the customer service person that they should control the count and distribute it across different timezones for Canada. Because everything is already redeemed in EST timezone before CST, MST or PST timezone people gets chance to avail the benefit of this offer. The customer service wasn't able to do anything and hence I informed her to raise this to her supervisor. When I started talking to supervisor she was so arrogant, so rude and raised her voice and tells me don't make the call and my day bad. And instead of doing something for my request she didn't wanted to continue conversation and she said she is keeping the phone. I told her I am not done here and my request is not complete even then she just disconnected the phone from her side.

I've been with fido from last 7-8 years and also from last three years I have never been able to avail the benefit of free perks. They are always gone.


And, what I get after being with FIDO as a loyal customer after these 7-8 years, just pathetic supervisor and really rude one.


I have never ever experienced this kind of behaviour from any of the service industries. It is a shame to FIDO.


I would also like to raise this to public please don't be loyal to any of your service providers because they never think of the person who gives them business they'll show their true colors.


I am going to raise this nonsense behaviour from Fido supervisor in Twitter and also Google to make aware about it.



Hello @moiz_a52,


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I'm terribly sorry to hear about your experience. We do our best to provide these freebies so that everyone can enjoy them though so are only available in limited quantities. Once they have run out, unfortunately we can't provide with additional freebies for the same offer.


Make sure you keep an eye on your app often as we often have fun offers like these to take advantage of.