Extremely High Bill

Extremely High Bill

Extremely High Bill

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Extremely High Bill

Hi Fido,

My plan is $ 45 / month. I got a bill of $705 for October. Checked my bill and it's due to exceeding 1000 free minutes of international calling. I never got any intimation that I crossed my allowed 1000 minutes and was under the impression that it won't allow me more than 1000. This bill is too high. What support can I get on this. Please help.


Hey  @Anujsingh28,


Welcome to the community! 


Getting a high bill is never fun.

That said, regarding the 1000 Long distance minutes, we do not send SMS alerts once the usage reaches a certain amount.


Nonetheless, you can get in touch with customer service to review your options!

We can also PM you here if you prefer.