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Extra charges added to bill

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hii , i received a bill of $302 but my monthly plan was of $45  and i checked my bill details it shows  that i made international calls but i didn't. I have wifi at my home and i always make WhatsApp calls. I have proof in my mobile that I didn't make any direct call to other country. I'm very upset because I'm a student and new here. I dont have that much money to pay. I don't have any any job and work yet. Its impossible for me to pay that big amount. Please help me if you can.


Hi there @taranjeet_ also to add on to @KAPABLE-K response, I had my partner put their phone in airplane mode and turning on the wifi prior to using whats app as a precaution. That way it cannot switch to mobile data if wifi isn't available. One more tool in your bag of tricks to save money


Hello @taranjeet_,


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This is not the first time this happen to someone there have been instances where phones have connected calls outside of the app.

There isn't much Fido or any phone company can do if apps aren't behaving as expected. If it's happening it's an issue with the device or app. You might need to contact the app developer to troubleshoot why it happened. 


There is an article here explaining a similar situation that happen to someone as it turns out if your connection is slow or bad sometimes WhatsApp switches to your mobile airtime.


You will need to contact customer service directly to see if they are willing to do anything to help you if not and you can not make the payment at once you can contact the Credit Operation Team and set up a payment plan, you can get more information here.


In the meantime you will have to be careful when using WhatsApp to make calls, you can also put an international call block on your line as a failsafe.