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Existing plans vs new better plans for existing Customers.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

existing customers who are paying old rate plans shouldn't be switched automatically to new offer with plans and deals which are much better than existing plan? 
ive been paying $30 on one plan and $20 on another plan extra for the past 7 months but I could've had a much better plan for much cheaper price if had known or was notified by FIDO. 

I feel this is soooo unfair for the clients who have been with the company for almost 2 decades. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

All these replies are straight Fido bots

@Me71  no bots here,  just other fido customers hoping to provide a bit of assistance to others on the forum. If our answers bother you, then I'm sorry you can't appreciate the time people take to try to assist. You can go Here  for support if it suits you better. 😉 have a better day, cheers 


Hello @Mateen,


Fido can not just switch your plan automatically to something else without first notifying the customer and they most definitely can not make the decision of what's better for the customer. everyone's needs are different when you took your current plan it obviously fits your needs if this has changed it's up to the customer to look at what is being offered to see if there is something that better fits their needs.

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Mateen,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you feel that the situation is unfair. However, from what you note, it sounds like your old plan(s) was/were subsidised. Was/were your old plan(s) subsidised? With the subsidised plan model, the cost of devices was incorporated into the cost of plans (ie Small, Medium, Large, etc). Since the cost was incorporated into the plan cost, is not possible to simply remove the subsidy from those plans.


  In addition, you should note that the plan details of older plans might not be the same as newer plans. For example, my old plan included the Premium Voicemail-to-text as well as some other features. However, the newer plans do not include those features. Rather, those features are now a part of their Value Pack add-on. If Fido automatically switched my old plan to a newer one, I would have lost those features. I think customers would have also been upset if they had features removed with an automatic change in plan. Instead, Fido allows us to keep grandfathered plans, however, the monthly charges would remain the same.


  You should note that Fido has recently switched from their old subsidy model to a financed Payment Program. With the new model, the cost of devices is separate from the cost of plans. Since the costs are separate, you would no longer have a monthly finance charge once you have paid-off the balance of the phone.


  You shoud also note that if you have a subsidised plan and did not switch plans, you will not automatically get a new cellphone. In order to finance another device, you would also need to switch to a new plan as the old subsidised plans are not compatible with the new financed model.


  I understand you might not have been aware that your contracts ended. However, it is the customers' responsibility to keep track of their contract durations. In addition, the remaining device balance (and end-of-contract date) would have also been provided on your bills as well as via My Account.


Hope this helps 😀