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Excess amount charged beyond my 40$ plan for internet usage without any intimation or information. I never agreed to it

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been charged for data usage without authorization or any kind of intimation. I want Fido to reverse all the charges beyond the 40$ per month for my last 3 cycles. I have been paying ~90$ per month and made the mistake of auto authorizing payments. 


Is there a way to stop this from happening or moving to another provider is the only option? I feel cheated and wasted my money. I moved to Fido for cheaper rates in the last 4 months and finding excess charges without intimation sucks. Total lack of faith in the brand now.


Hi @kd1107 , your billing and account questions can only be answered by a Fido customer service representative. You can reach out by one of the methods mentioned Here 

Hope you get it resolved