Exceeding data usage

Exceeding data usage

Exceeding data usage

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Exceeding data usage

Hi Guys,


I have been using same Iphone for last 2.5 years and had 1 GB data and never exceeded 1 GB limit as i have WIFI at home. I do not use phone at office.

Now, I recently moved to Fido 4 months ago and i have 4 GB limit now but data usage has already exceeded 4 GB limit twice. I cannot understand how am i using 4 GB now. I have same day schedule as i had earlier. I called customer service and they advised me to contact Iphone customer service but i told them i am using it for last 2.5 years and Data usage has exceeded since i moved Fido. Is this happening to someone else as well?


I am thinking to move to some other carrier as i am not getting any satisfactory response from customer service. Please suggest

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I see... I must say that this is odd but we would like to take a closer look into this. 


I'm sending you a private message so we can further investigate this. Smiley 


See you soon! 

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Hi there, welcome to the Community @New_Customer


For a better understanding of the situation, we'll need you to provide more information: 


- What do you normally use to monitor your usage each month? 

- While on the mobile network, what kind of apps do you mostly use? 

- Did you recently update the phone or downloaded anything new? 

- Do you tether with your device? 


Don't forget you can always view how much data you're using right in the setting of your phone. Simply go to Settings, then tap Cellular or Mobile Data and from there you'll see how much data each app has used since the last reset. 


Let us know! 

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Hi ,


I have Fido app installed. I do get message when data reaches limit

As i said i do not use mobile in office. i only use in breaks that too whatapp and facebook for 5 -10 minutes.

No, Nothing new was installed. Only chnage done is that i moved to Fido.

No I do not tether with my mobile.


My only concern is how i could use 4 GB data now, when i never used 1 GB with rogers. I have another connection with rogers with 6GB. I use a lot of mobile data on it as using GPS, youtube etc but still it does not cross limit.

Let me know if you need any other information.



Hey @New_Customer


Thank you for sharing this information.


Did you get a chance to check out the usage for the different Apps in the Mobile Data settings? Can you see which one uses the most amount of data?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, i checked those already when we called Customer service last time. those apps are not even using 100MB. I need to know if anybody else moved to Fido and experiencing same issue. I moved to Fido from Rogers. I had 1GB plan with Rogers as i mentioned earlier and had no data issues at all. Now i have 4 GB Data.