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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I've been calling for a few days now and each time after waiting on the phone over hrs someone finally picks up "JUST TO HANG UP" on me. When I finally got to talk to someone and get transfered to the retention team during our talk I get hanged up again. Like seriously don't they have my number? Why don't they call me back when then "accidently" hang up on me? So I spend hrs again on the phone and no call back option is offer to me nor estimate time.


Tried askJack 4 times but unable to join the queue and when I'm finally on the live chat the agent can't offer me what the retention team was discussed with me. NO DIRECT NUMBER to call back either. So they could only change me to a plan that was offer to majority people.


Go in store to ask for help but they say my account is dated to change for a plan so I they can't even Change my plan to anything else. So I have to call in but again hrs of countless wait.


I've been with fido since 2009 and never been in a contract! Which mean I can leave any time I want but I didn't because I was loyal. Now with this kind of service I'm getting it makes me re thing my loyalty.



Hello @teeeeeeen,


Sorry to hear you are having issues connecting with customer service, This week I contacted them twice by phone and had no issues, and both times I was given the callback option which also worked for me. 


I can only suggest you try again or you can also contact them over social media or chat see here for all the different methods to reach out to them.