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False Promise on Plan Deal

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

When I contacted Fido live chat, the representative made two offers: 1. changing my current plan but apply $25 credit for 12 months; 2. add additional data usage for 15 months. However, when the bill came out, there is no credits applied and actually made my whole bill $30 more expansive.  


When I called the 611, the representative passed the buck around among different departments, and no one can offer any advice to tell me why is the issue and how to fix. I've been putting on hold for more than 3 hours, and no one could offer any help. Being a loyal customer for more than four years, this is not the service any customer should deserve. 



Hello @JingG0823,


Sorry to hear that the offer was not applied that was discussed but unfortunately you will have to reach out to customer service directly again as they are the only ones that can do anything.


The community forum is driven by customers helping each other and is not a form of customer service for Fido.