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Double charged on fido online upgrade

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Last night I used the online service to upgrade my phone I wasn't able to afford a high end phone so I got last years samsung S9 phone. At 270$. Fido required an online payment so I gave it my information and it charged my account. My phone came up with two charges to my account of 270$!!! I called into fido customer care and they could only see the one payment, but it is clearly visible on my bank account that two payments came out!!! Not only that but my account is currently in the negative for 270$!! I do not have that money!!!! They told me to call my bank. Who opened an investigation that will take up to two months! In the mean time I have to pay the overdraft fees AND interest on this extra 270$ why can you not view the extra transaction when it clearly came through twice. I've been a loyal customer for 12 years. This is unacceptable business practice. And frankly illegal. I want this transaction reversed but still need a new phone because my phone currently will not charge without a wireless phone charge base. And doesnt hold a charge for more than 5 hours. Like common fido. I know you dont like people downgrading their plan but that doesnt mean you can just gouge me for 270$!


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi @Mizore1234  

Have you tried talking to your bank manager?


Although you paid 1 payment you initiated the payment online via ... Internet banking from your bank account. The problem reside there --

It may take a few days to diagnose the transaction Not 2 months. Any charge you occur ask for them to be credited by your bank. One system could have got faster ahead of the other meaning internet payment or bank transaction. In case you would click twice or something else your payment which doesn't seem likely from your confirmation with Fido customer service but if ever that is the case you would ask your bank  to reverse such extra payment. 


I base my assumption on the fact that your bank was not previously linked in anyway with your account Fido and that you do not have an overdraft on your bank account.


You must take this with your bank during their business hours .get them moving for you!


I hope this helps you.