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Does Fido leak my personal information? need explaination from FIDO ASAP

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am using fido for 7 years. All good first 5 years. starting from last year, crazy amount of fraud spam calls made to me almost everyday. and today a this dangarous fruad happend to me. 18884813436 I believe is the real Fido CX service number, this number called me and hang out in 3 sec. right after this missed call another number(fraud), 8884813436 (only missing the 1 from the real number). called me said he is working for FIDO and someone used my ID to create a new fido number to trying fraud other peopel and will close my current number blablabla ( fake story). luckily I am not that dumb  to give him any of my personal infortion. I want explaination from FIDO and investgations for my case 


1.  How a fraud call number is exactly same with real fido cx service number (only without the 1, which I think is canada county code)?

2. How this fruad guy can call me right after a real fido cx service number ( I am reasonably guessing someone inside fido working with him together trying to fruad me). 

3. This fruad guy know my real name, real email address,  the time I have my fido cell phone . how does he get it? 


I am very angry and concern about privacy protection FIDO provided to the cx.  I am living in BC and one of my best friend living in ON, he has a very similar scum like this one. 

and I need a resonable investigation about my case that is my personal information leaking from FIDO? or someone is FIDO is working with criminals.


I want explaination from FIDO ASAP


 proof fido fraud.jpg


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I phoned Fido, Fido said frauder can use some technolodge to change their real number to be pretended as Fido customer service number.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Same, they just kept calling, either with caller display of 18884813436 or chinese fido 18668883436 

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been receiving calls from the same number every second day, including weekends. Even when I hang up, this number continues to call back, and it's becoming quite insistent.

I answered once, and the caller claimed to be from Fido customer service, asking if I speak Chinese. What's particularly concerning is that the number appears to be identical to Fido's official customer service number, including the +1 prefix. This situation is rediculous and frustrating. 


I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Yeah some fido employee leaks account information to fraudsters according to Office of privacy commissioner of Canada:
 Its say:

{For instance, during the first phone call, the fraudster provided the Complainant’s phone number, but the wrong name. The CSRon this call responded to the fraudster by disclosing the Complainant’s name. Over the course of the call, the CSR then supplied the fraudster with additional information including the Complainant’s account number, date of birth, address, and the number of phone lines associated with the account. We note that, pursuant to Fido’s authentication protocol, the information disclosed during this first call is information that would typically be used to authenticate a caller. In fact, the information the CSR supplied the fraudster during the first call is precisely what fraudsters used to continue to gain access to the Complainant’s account in subsequent phone calls to Fido.}


I think now we have the proof that some employees are in teams with fraudsters. 



Hey @dallasmavs,


Thank you for your post, we understand your concern and take our customers' privacy very seriously. 


Country codes required for international dialling, therefore if it's a call made within the country, it is not required dialling with the country code.


Just to make sure your account is safe, please contact us here so we can take a further look into your account.