Does Fido Relay SMS in Korean?

Does Fido Relay SMS in Korean?

Does Fido Relay SMS in Korean?

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Does Fido Relay SMS in Korean?



I'm having problems sending texts in Korean and was wondering if someone could shed some light into this problem?


I'm able to send and receive SMS's in English just fine.  I also am able to receive SMS's sent entirely or partially composed in Korean just fine as well from Telus, Bell, Koodos, Virgin and overseas cellular network subscribers.  However, I cannot send any SMS's containing Korean characters, partially or in entirety.  The perplexing aspect of this though is that the intended recipients with the above mentioned carriers don't receive anything at all from me, not even a text with broken characters, as though my texts sent in Korean just disppeared into a null.


I'm using an unlocked Motoroal Charm/MB502 with Android 2.1.  Though I'm unable to use Google's Korean IME app, I'm still  using a Korean character app with which I am able to compose and send emails in Korean using the Gmail and other email client apps.


I'm rather confounded by this issue and was hoping someone with a more technical knowledge in Fido's handling of Unicode SMS's can help me out.  But perhaps I'm being a bit presumptious thinking that this is Fido's issue and not my phone's?  Thanks in advance for your time and courtesy.


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I'm not sure about Korean but I do send Chinese and it is perfectly fine. But if you are sending those SMSs through the fido web text thing, then it won't work.
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@ Community, can anyone help RipRock?


Tip: I would suggest trying your SIM in another phone to see if it works, that will help isolate the issue.