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Discount offered then taken away- Poor service and communication

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Overall quite disappointed in the service and lack of communication communication provided by fido. I was offered an extention of my $40 monthly plan for 24 months in december 2021. But every month in 2022, my bill was $50. I chatted with 3-4 different agents who have told me that the promotion is supposed to be applied.

Finally one agent in May decided to investigate further. Again, I had to ask someone today why it was STILL $50 for my bill. Turns out after they investigated, the promotion that was promised over and over is considered "invalid." Agent claimed that the back office "tried" to contact me back in May, but the call did not go through. There was no email, no text, no fido messages. All together this wasted a lot of my time contacting FIdo multiple times through multiple agents, who all could not figure out what was really going on until today... 7 months later.  Throughout the 7 months the only responses I received were "yes, there is supposed to be a promotional offer applied to your account." Very unprofessional for a service to be offered then taken away. 



Hey @schi! Thanks for reaching the Community. You've reached the right place for help. I can only imagine how frustrating all this back and forth must have been for you. Although the initial promotional is considered invalid, we can certainly go over other promotions or courtesy offer that we can offer to make this up to you. Feel free to reach out to us through any of our support channels and we'll have a closer look at your options.