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Disable Data Roaming from Fido

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Just came back from US and I got charges for 5 days of Fido Roaming as well (4 days I do not agree with).  I have disabled data roaming on my phone, I am also using dual SIM phone and I have setup my phone to use Data SIM from my secondary operator but I still got charged. 


When I review the bill, it says that I have used 0.02MB, 0.01MB, 0.12MB and 0.01MB of roaming data which I did not use (what can I do with 0.01MB of data anyway!!!).  Is there anyway, I can disable roaming data from Fido to avoid future occurance?  I would like to keep roaming calls just in case someone want to reach me during my trip!!!



Hey @Josephkhng


We totally understand how these situations can be bothersome.

To look into it further, we do suggest to contact us here for additional support!