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Didn't receive alert text for data overage

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I have read through the community regarding SMS texts on a tablet. Currently have an Ipad with the 4GB/$10 a month plan.

I just tested it to make sure the tablet can send and receive texts (haven't used it before) and it does.

So my question is why did I not receive any texts when I was close to going over my data limit, when I was at my limit, when I was $50 over my limit and when I was $90 over my limit? I am now looking at a $140 bill for going 1.3GB over my limit.

I do understand that I can manually track my usage within the app, but if others are getting alerts, why didn't I?


Thank you for any insight into this.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @jennifer88


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In this case, the data tracker information should be compatible with your plan. However, iPads cannot receive SMS messages which is how these notifications are sent. If the SIM was inserted in a phone, it would have come through. 


If you were able to send and receive a message on the iPad, it was most likely using iMessage or a similar web-based messaging App. The majority of our data-only plans which had data overages would have a rate of $10/1Gb. You can log into My Account to view the exact rate and it should also be displayed in your plan description on your bill.