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Did not get Black Friday advertised prices, charged for SIM

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was supposed to get a $30/20gb and a $25/20gb second line plan. The bill came and it shows as $35 and $30.

I waited for live chat for HOURS and it says "sorry closed now" and then I called and waited for a callback for 4 hours and finally got a call back but person told me to go in store. I drove all the way back to the store and obviously they can't do anything on their side and they showed me the black friday code that's attached to my account already and says it's on Fido's end.


I'm tired and frustrated of waiting to speak with someone and getting bounced back and forth wasting gas and time. And the cherry on top is the SIM card fee of $22 for 2 sim cards when the advertisement said it was FREE. 



Hey @winston1017, Alex here. 


Really sorry to hear about your experience, that's not what we like to hear.


I'm sending you a PM so that we can look into this with you.