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Delete my account


I m no longer in Canada and I m not using the sim card from past 1and half month but still I get the bill cycle , I want to delete my account and I will pay off the last bill cycle .

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Hi @PDEEP7031 

Welcome to the community!🙂


Unfortunately, an account can't be deleted if still active and has an amount due. 


-Have you advise Fido that you wish to cancel previously?


Please refer to the Information on your bill when ready to proceed with the final payment you can use all these methods here 


Thank you!

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Hello @PDEEP7031 where you able to resolve the closing of your account via one of the different methods in the link I provided you yesterday?


If not, I can flag this to a moderator for someone at Fido to send you a PM.

Just let us know🙂