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Dear Fido, Please add "Preferred Name" section on My Account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I am enjoying quality service with Fido. 


I have found one concern. Having option to add preferred name with account would be beneficial for many customers. Many people, such as immigrants and LGBTQ+ people, may have different preferred name. Some immigrants may have name they prefer and use in many places although it is not an official name. LGBTQ+ people, especially transgender or non-binary people may feel stress and even feel dysphoric every time opening My Account application or webpage and chatting with customer support agent.


I am aware that Rogers / Fido supports the value of inclusion and diversity. And I believe having preferred name section would be beneficial for many customers, even provide some emotional support for them. 


There is a real case of implementation of preferred name from MasterCard, so I think it would not cause huge issue with the system. Citi/Mastercard introduced this kind of feature already.  


I think there should be a way to separate name on file and preferred name, since Mastercard already have done it.

So, I think preferred names should be used for:


- How My Account webpage / application displays customer's name to a customer 

- How customer support agent calls a customer, along with preferred pronouns


Thanks for reading my feedback about preferred name option.





Hey @woof3,


Welcome to our community, we're really glad to learn you're happy with your service Smiley


I assure you that we do believe in an inclusive and diverse environment that reflects and embraces the diversity of our teams, our customers and communities and our involvement in Pride is our opportunity to show up loud and proud to empower and celebrate the community.


We truly appreciate you taking the time to share your valuable feedback with us!