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Data sharing with my family

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi everyone,


So my wife has 5GB, my daughter has 10 GB and I have 500MB (sic). 


I get close to my limit because I watch my usage and use my PC and Ipad using WIFI.  This is most inconvenient especially when driving.


My daughter is good and uses up to 8 or 9 MB per cycle, but sometimes needs more than is available.


My wife uses around around 200 MB (sic) a cycle.


Does FIDO do family data sharing as do other companies? and what do I need to do?





Hey again @Melinmiss


To answer your question, we do not offer shared plans. We believe our plans are super competitive and offer a great value for its price in the Canadian market.


Have you thought about changing your plan to one that offers more?


With that said, it is possible to share data through Mobile hotspot or tethering. In this case, your daughter or wife could do that for you.


Hope this clarifies!