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Spam Texts Claiming to Be From Fido (After Signing Up For MyFido)

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

I signed up for MyFido or whatever not too long ago, probably just under a month.


I had lost my CC (an entirely unrelated story) and needed to change my automatic billing to the new one.

I used their online service to change it, easy peasy no sweat.


The very next day I get a text from "fido" claiming they had overcharged me and that if i follow the link I would get my money back.

I was confused, seeing as their systems are all automated and I assumed I'd get an email telling me I had credit on my account because of the overcharge.

I followed the link to a very very official looking bank information page. The URL looked fishy so I decided to sit on it for a while.

An hour later I get another text.


The next day, three more.


The day after that, two more.


Fido, can you please explain to me why the DAY AFTER I sign up for your service I'm suddenly getting spammed with these text messages??? I'm getting really fed up over here.

I've been a happy customer (maybe the spam calls were getting a bit much- but who hasn't dealt with that?) for nearly 8 years. But the SECOND I sign up for your online service I start getting these texts.


They haven't stopped either! I've been getting one per day for nearly the whole month!!

And yes, i HAVE been forwarding them to the spam call line 7726 (SPAM)! This does not stop them because they are all worded slightly differently!

I also block each number, but they're always a different number!

I've even had texts saying I would get £25,98 back, I live in Canada!!!

I've also contacted support but have had no response from that either!


Please. Please take better care of my freaking information guys.


Has anyone else had this happen??



Hi @Frustrated_Sam


I get the frustration, I really do Sad I assure you though that the spam text messages didn't originate due to you signing up to the My Account service; it's a mere coincidence that the two happened simultaneously. 


Our teams are trying their level best to reduce the amount of spam our customer receive, however it's a work in progress and we truly appreciate your understanding. 


I'd also like to add that it's important to never click on a suspicious-looking link as you may risk getting your information compromised by doing so. Please check out this link.


We are right here if there is anything else. And oh, welcome to the Community Smiley



I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Yes, I'm aware clicking suspicious links is a no-go.


The only reason I clicked the first one was because of the timing. I didn't fill anything out.


I really can't reasonably think that I pay my bill online and the next day I start getting spam texts telling me I've been overcharged is a mere coincidence- It's the biggest one that's ever happened to me ever, if that's the case.


I understand spam evolves and changes and always tries to duck out under your filters.


This has just been the most "frustrating" coincidence of all time.