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Data plan upgrade offer on My Account removes monthly plan credit

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

What a crazy, horrible experience I just had - 2.5 hrs on an online chat session where comments were circular in nature. I had added a line back in Dec 2020 (4GB - $45 with $5 monthly credit)... a whole host of other issues on that but fast forward to last month where via My Account offered me an upgrade to 9GB for $45 (plus applicable discounts & taxes). Sounded great... I went ahead and accepted the offer. 


On this month's statement, I noticed that the $5/ mth credit fell off for that line. Nowhere on the promo was there any indication that this credit I received for opening a new line would not continue to be applied. In any case, the live agent took close to1.5hr to look into this including reaching out to their support team. The initial answer was "Go to the retail store and they'll look into it". Although, it was clear that the line had been receiving the $5 credit for the previous billing statements, they weren't sure about the eligibility. After asking 2-3 times for them to look at previous statements, I received a magical answer that the data upgrade negated the monthly plan credit and that I should have known that based on my initial sign-up. 


I just received the same offer for another one of my lines, and there is no warning or disclosure that says I am foregoing $225 (I upgraded only 2 months into our contract) for the extra gigs. I wouldn't have done it if it had been clearly stated. Feeling duped. 


And I had to spend another 1hr to get the $100 statement credit that was part of the initial adding of lines... why make the customer do all this work? Ugh.



Sorry to hear about your recent experience @kobiguy, that's definitely not the kind of service we wish to provide.


To clarify, while the promotion you get will only mention what features are included in the new offer, you should be able to see the detailed breakdown of the changes at the summary page, before submitting the change. We also ensure that a Transaction Email Confirmation (TEC) is sent following the changes, to highlight what was added/removed.


Can you confirm if you received the TEC and if the changes are mentioned there? Also, were we able to answer your questions and resolve the situation for you?


Let us know! You can also reach out to us at these channels for any follow up or we can send you a PM here if you prefer.

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Thank you for responding...The promotions should always include any adverse impacts to the account so that the customer can make an informed decision. I thought I was making that... but am feeling otherwise. I did receive the email that confirmed the data plan upgrade to 9GB for $45, but it was not clear at all that I would be foregoing the $5/mth x 24 mth bill credit  by proceeding with the upgrade. I thought the bill credit was something I would continue to recive because it was attached the action of having opened a new line just 3 months prior. I certainly wouldn't have foregone $225 for the extra GB.  As you're probably familiar, here's a copy of what the note says and then it lists the cost of the 9GB plus HST, provides details of the 4GB plan I've removed with no mention of removing the bill credit, and then the monthly payment required for the device. It certainly doesn't feel like there was full transparency practice of negating the bill credit without full transparency during a transaction certainly doesn't align with the CRTC policy of ensuring customers understand their mobile plans. 


"Thanks for updating your Fido account! We’ve made the changes you asked for.
Below is a summary of the transaction and what you can expect to pay before taxes. For complete details and important information about your service, you can read through the Wireless Service Agreement and Fido Terms of Service booklet attached to this email."


Ugh...... honestly, your customer experience team needs to review your marketing disclosures  in context of how customers engage with it... maybe the CRTC does. 



I'm sorry you feel this way,


I can assure you that we're fully abiding with the CRTC guidelines in this regard.


As much as we'd love to share all the details, the promotion can only describe the current offer as is. The impact of the changes though, will be shared before submitting the change only, as this is when our system will be able to compare your old and new plan. We're also available to assist you with the changes on these channels, should you have any questions or concerns.


You've also mentioned that the TEC did not include any of the relevant info. Have you had the chance to open the document attached to the email too? To better assist you, I'll be sending you a PM to take a closer look at it. Hopefully we can turn your experience around and clarify the situation.


Talk to you soon Smiley