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Data overages

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1



I always check my data usage everyday, today as will. when I just open fido apps today, it show I still have around 200mb data and next second I received the message from fido that said I already used 100% of my data this month!! I was so shock and turn of the data immediately! but after I got home and have a wifi, I check the apps again, it show that i overage 15mb data.................................It doesn't make sense!! how could it happen???????? I already turn of the data! so it will charge me $10 !!!?? can‘t accept it..........................



Hey @Sammi12,


Have you received the 90% data usage notification? To clarify, the data usage notification is usually sent at 3 thresholds (90%, 100%, and $50). Your data monitoring on your Fido mobile app is also in real time, which enables you to manage the data you have left. We do offer top-up options as well, that you can add at anytime during your billing cycle, you can find more info here.


That being said, have you had the chance to reach out to us so we can look into it? I would advise you to reach out to us at these channels for assistance. Alternatively we can send you a PM.