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Data accounting errors September October 2019

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

There appears to be data accounting errors showing for the billing cycle of October 2019.  The reported amount of data used in 7 days on 3 phones (on of which was hardly used outside a wifi zone exceeds the average monthly usage.


Will see how responsive customer service/tech support in investigating those problems.


If anyone notices similar problems, please post.



Hello @Julz3


We didn't receive a general notice from our support team letting us know about a known issue for the October invoices.


I do understand that unusual charges can be alarming. The charges are all based on how your device was used.


We do have a blog on our community which gives you tips and tricks to stay on top of your data usage, you can find it here.


Concerning your October bill, did you get a chance to get this looked into with the customer service? You can find the ways to contact us on our contact page here .


If it's best for you, we can also send you a PM on the Community.


Let us know Smiley