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Data Roaming scam

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I purchased a dual e-sim iPhone (from Fido) because I was getting frustrated with the roaming charges when I go over seas a few times a year.   Not only am I forced to pay $14 a day but I do not get service.   I purchased a new iPhone specifically because I could have my Fido number on esim and purchase a French number plan with a SIM card.  I paid 36€ for unlimited calls,data,international calling for 4 months.   I turned on my phone the first day of arrival until I was able to get the SIM card (I also turned it on 2 other days as I was out of France - 3x days total).  After placing the SIM card in the phone I TURNED OFF the Canadian line and TURNED OFF data roaming. I had my wifi on everywhere as well  

During my trip I received no text messages, other then on WIFI (iMessage, WhatsApp ). I had no calls come in as my "Canadian line " was TURNED OFF.  

As soon as I arrived in Canada and switched my line back to the Canadian line, turned on data roaming etc.  I received 30 text messages, numerous missed calls and voicemail indications.  

i then received my Fido invoice and they charged me $140 plus tax.  I have no problem paying for the 3 days... however the amount used in those 3 days in total didn't even cost $14 if we were doing bill by call let alone $42 that would have been charged as a 3 day amount. 

When I called they told me I should keep the phone on airplane mode.  Now WTH would I buy a dual sim phone to travel with to keep it on airplane mode??  This makes it useless!!


on top of this, please explain how you can bill me $14 a day when I received NOTHING from this service?  As mentioned above, I received 30 text messages, numerous missed calls and voicemail indications. People could not get a hold of me through my Fido number. They would WhatsApp me or email me letting me know.  It was then I would use my French number to call the back.


They need to go back to the opt in system they had before.  It's ridiculous that they think it's ok to scam customers like this.  




Hi @Karlas72


Sorry to hear you are not happy with how you were billed. Rest assured we only charge you Fido Roam when we detect a connection being made while you are roaming. 


Please reach a Specialist here and we will be glad to adresse your concerns.