Data Overage Charges, late notification

Data Overage Charges, late notification

Data Overage Charges, late notification

I'm a Participant Level 1

Data Overage Charges, late notification

My billing cycle is from 22nd of every month.

If you check my usage for last 6 months, I have barely used 1-2 gb every month out of my 4gb plan.

On the 1st of March, I got a notification from Fido saying I have used 90% of my plan. I was shocked and immediately went to my settings to turn off the data pack. Turns out I had already used 4.6gb, not 90%, of my data. That is 600 mb over the limit. In 10 days.

I checked my settings to see what caused this, and I can see amazon app store using 4.6gb exact of mobile data. It has used 180gb of wifi data in those 10 days.

My problem with Fido is that I was informed late about the data usage, and I'm being asked to pay $50 in data overage charges. There's no way I would've used 600mb of data if i was informed in time.

Given my usage patterns of the last 6 months, I would appreciate if Fido can drop the charges in anyway.



Hey there @TheLangdaTyagi,


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There are many options available to monitor your data usage, and the SMS notifications are one of them. We usually send you a text message notify you of reaching the 90% and 100% thresholds. Please note that changes made to your services mid-cycle will disable those notifications for the current cycle.


We also ensure that your data charges are capped and blocked once you reach $50 of data overage. A message is sent as well and you can choose to resume your data by acknowledging this fee and accepting that you'll be billed for any other extra usage related to data.


In terms of monitoring your mobile data, you have the following features available:


  1. Fido mobile app. Your data usage will be shown in real time.
  2. Data top-ups. Which you can now add at anytime during you billing cycle even when you've exceeded 100% of your data usage. However, keep in mind that any data overage charges incurred before purchasing this add-on will remain on your account
  3. Data Bytes. Which can be used for free even when your plan's data bucket has been depleted or you're in overage.
  4. You also have the option to monitor or cap your data usage on your mobile device using an integrated tool or a third party app.

We'd also be happy to take a closer look at your account. You can simply reach out to us at these channels to get started or we can send you a PM here if you prefer.


Hope this clarifies and let us know if you have any questions.