Data Bytes showing 0MB used despite being on for full hour

Data Bytes showing 0MB used despite being on for full hour

Data Bytes showing 0MB used despite being on for full hour

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Data Bytes showing 0MB used despite being on for full hour


My data bytes sessions are not working properly... I keep seeing 0MB used despite being on a data byte session for atleast 30min... i feel like its using up my data allowance instead...


It doesn't even say how much I have used in my other sessions anymore.... Screenshot_20180519-162254_My Account.jpg


Screenshot_20180519-162308_My Account.jpg




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Hey @AliP1,


We've looked into it and found that it was a normal situation. Sometimes our systems can’t track how much the data you used in each session. When that happens, you’ll see "You've used 1 FREE hour of data". 

Our systems do make the difference between your monthly data allotment and the data used with Data Bytes. On your next bill you will see the total amount used during your sessions!


Hope that helps Smiley





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I am having the same problem.  If it is a normal situation then why did I use up 2.5 of data?  If you guys don't figure this out, or a tleast  reverse the data charges, I will not be paying my bill.  I am certain it was caused by the recent software update. I wasn't having any problems before the update. 








Hey @TheLuckyMan


I am sad to see you're having difficulties with this service. 

If you look at your Data Bytes history, does it show the session was used up properly? 


You can do this by clicking on the ``More`` menu in the My Account App and selecting ``My Data Bytes History``. 


Also, can you confirm if you've had the chance to try uninstalling the App and installing it again? 

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I tried another databytes session last night and it seems to be working now.  I simply went on YouTube and watched about 200 megabytes of videos. The databytes app is still acting weird and not reporting the data used. It simply says zero and then disappears. 


But I am not ready to call it a victory just yet until I try it with my hotspot.  That is how I lost the 2.5 gb.  Also is it normal for my phone usage to show 200 megabytes under YouTube.  I would have thought this would not be increasing when using databytes.  

Hey @TheLuckyMan! I hope you're doing well. Smiley


Keep us posted on that and let us know if it happens again. We'll be happy to escalate it if that's the case.


As for the 200 Mb of usage you saw, was that on the My Account app or through the phone?

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Hey AliP1. Welcome to the community! 


Thanks for the screenshots. Smiley This will require that we take a closer look into your account. I'll be reaching out to you by private message so we can check it out together.  See you in a bit. 

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Yes plz do so because it's really annoying to be using "databytes" but it turns out I'm just using my own data allowance instead...

Hey @AliP1


I can definitely understand how this would be an unpleasant situation. We'll continue with you in PM. Smiley