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Contract renewal

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

Been a loyal Fido customer even before merger with Rogers (1998)

Today I called Fido to get a date for potential renewal , 

rep told me, the last time i spoke with retention, they didn’t actually renew my contract but just changed it and I was “misinformed”


It was during the first initiation of the 10GB craze when I had this conversation 2018


I replied “so for about a year I havnt been on a contract and I can leave any time?” Fido rep said yes ....and then Is there anything else I can help with? I asked why would it be feesible to keep my 4 lines with Fido and they had no response. 

Final words from rep “I hope I have answers your questions” and hung up. 


i guess  i can start looking elsewhere  ...



Hey @Gale !

Thanks for being with us for such a long time, it definitely means a lot to us.


I'm really sorry if there was any misunderstanding regarding the renewal of your line. We will send you a PM and take a look into this. Smiley