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Confusion regarding my account changes

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, I'm really confused about my recent changes and would like some clarity if possible. Posting here is a bit of a last resort since 2 calls to the help line haven't resolved this yet. 


Until Sunday, my BYOD plan was $45 + tax a month. On sunday, I called to get a new phone, which was $0 down and $10 a month for 2 yrs. It is still shown this way as of the time of writing, (picture attached below as proof). 


While ordering this phone, the agent told me that there is a promotion for a better plan than mine for just $35+tax. So I said sure, please go ahead and change that. So my understanding was at the end, I would still pay $35 (for the plan) + $10 (for the phone). 


First issue: when I got an email confirmation of this, it said my plan was still $45 and I had an add on for $15. So I called again and got that add-on (which I did not get) removed. At that time, i confirmed with the new agent that my monthly amount would indeed be $45. This was confirmed and the call # was I1583786216 if anyone wants to check that. 


I got the email confirmation for this 2nd call today and the numbers are still wrong. Now it still says $45 for the plan, not $35 and the monthly payment for the phone is $23.34 + tax whereas it clearly shows below as $10+tax. Lastly, there is also a $45 setup service fee. What is this about? This isn't a new line. I don't even have the device with me yet. If I setup the new device using, do I still have to pay this? 


Can someone from Fido please clear this up for me? 





Hello @vgkarthik88,


Welcome to the community!


I understand how it can be confusing, lets start with the phone the original monthly financing amount is $23.34 if you look a the screenshot you provided you will see there is a $13.34 promotion discount that will be applied as a bill credit which will make the device $10 month.


Fido never changes the financing amount, promotions are applied as a bill credit this is so that if you decide to cancel you will have to pay the full balance of the device without the discount. I can only assume this is to avoid people gaming the system to get phones for cheap at the expense of the carrier.


The screenshot your provided is for the device you should have gotten another account change for the plan that will also show the $10 discount for the plan.


The $45 fee was because you did the hardware upgrade over the phone the only way to avoid that fee is by doing the upgrade through self-serve on

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, Thank you for the reply. If the final bill shows the correct amount, that works for me. My concern was that by the time I get the bill, this will be 'forgotten' and there won't be any proof of this offer and I would have to end up paying the full amount. So this is also part of creating a paper trail for this. 


Regarding the $45 fee, this wasn't mentioned during the call at all. Also I would have happily upgraded online, which is what i tried to do first, but when I try that on my account, I just got an error message saying 'there is an issue right now. Please call to talk to an agent'. I even brought this up with the agent when I spoke to him but he said he didn't have anything to suggest about this. Seems harsh to charge me $45 when the upgrade via the website option wasn't even working when I tried it. 

Hey @vgkarthik88,


That doesn't sound right. Feel free to reach out to us through these channels and we'll be happy to help you. If you prefer, we can get it done right here via PM through the Community.


Let us know how you'd like to proceed.😃


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi @FidoAnthony , Thank you for checking in. I've already talked to someone via live help. They took a look and said $45 has already been credited to my account, but it may take 2-3 billing cycles to appear. So for now I'm going to just wait and see if that happens first. If not, i'll revisit this then. 



Great, if you have any other questions you know where to reach us.


Have a nice day! Smiley