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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

hi There,

we have two cell phones with Fido. I saw Fido Store advertised there is pormotion for existing fido customer last week. The Fido store is located 5300 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2X9. The promotion offers $40 plan (with 10 G data) and $45 plan (with 20G data) which both have unlimited calls within canada, unlimited text message internationally and 1000 minutes international call for free. so, I chose $40 plan for one of my phone and $45 plan for my another phone in the above Fido store  on Sept. 17,2022. I confirmed these offers in person with Fido Sale Representative. However, the Fido sales representative did not add the free 1000 international long distance feature on my both plans. I asked him why; he said he could not add this feature on it because it is not for existing customer. I showed him the offer states clearly on their advertisement.  he said he can not help and asked me contact Fido Customer Service call Centera.

I called Fido Customer Call Center three times in different days;  and finally got somebody @ Fido Call Center talked to me Tuesday Sept.20,2022 . but the Manager Ahmad from Fido Call Center told me go back to that Fido Store and let the Fido Sales Representative called Fido Dealer Support helpline to fix the issues.

I went back to the above Fido Store Friday Sept 23,2022. another female  Sales Representative helped me to contact Fido Dealer Support Helpline to add the 1000 free internationall long distance on my two phones. before I left,  I confirmed with this sales Representative that it is free of charge. she told me that they give me two year free 1000 international call effective Sept. 23,2022 and it will start to charge me $3 of this service effective Sept. 23,2024. I trust her words. however, I found out there is $3 charge added on my two phone when I checked it online after I went home.

I think it is cheating and deceiving consumer.

The first Fido sale representative did not offer me exactly what they advertised. The second Fido sale Representative is even worst. she lied to me and cheated me again when i confirmed the features added with her.

addtionally, Fido service is very bad, no matter from the store sale representatives, call center representative or manager, none of them is willing to help and they are very rude.

I would like to my issues fixed by Fido and apology from Fido ASAP.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @ashleychen37880 !


It's good to know that most options and offers have a cost, though the 1000 international long distance minutes would be combined with a promotional discount giving you $3 off to cover it's cost. You should be able to confirm these details on your next invoice as well.


That said, I apologize for the confusion and the experience provided so far. You can reach out to us at these channels and we'll be happy to take a closer look at your account to confirm what services you have and what you can expect to be billed each month.


Hope this helps Smiley