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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been severely harassed over the phone trying to get a deal that another carrier had, and i had to wait 2 hours on the phone spoke to several people and even a very rude supervisor who didn't want to help me in any way and was so rude that i finally had to end the call. I hope someone can help me as i am ready to leave fido afyer what has happened and how many people harassed me on the phone.



Hey @Sadiaqavi5 Smiley


I'm sorry to hear about this situation, as that doesn't like the kind of service we aim to provide. We'd hate to see you go! 

Please don't hesitate to reach out through any of the methods listed here if you wish to have this looked into further, or if you'd like your feedback to be forwarded.

If you prefer, we can also send you a private message directly through the Community. 
Let us know!



Hello @Sadiaqavi5,


Welcome to the community!


This is very strange, did Fido call you and harrased you over the phone? 


From what I gathered another carrier has a deal and you want Fido to give you the same deal as the other carrier? 


Every carrier has there own promotions and Fido can not give you something that they are not offering, often times depending on the promotion the other carriers would start offering deals to compete. 


They can't just give you deals that other carriers have if they don't have it at this time.