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Complaint on invoice, credit not honored

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


On April 8, 2022, I have called Fido for a question on my invoice amount where I saw the current Monthly Plan $ was changed without advising me (passing from 45$ to 50$ for a 5GB plan)

The representaitve said it was normal since Fido has inreased monthly plan $ to most of its customers. She helped me to find  a cheaper plan, so she suggested a plan of 10GB for 44$ per month.
Before agreeing to change the plan, I have a 24 months 5$ credit (expring in March 2024), so I asked her if by changing the plan will affect the monthly credit that I am eligible. She said yes, but she will issue a request to give the 24months credit back to me and it should appear starting the next invoice. Now that I received my next invoice on May 8, the monthly 5$ credit did not appear (it's been 4 weeks from April 8 to May 8).
<span;>On May 9, I called Fido and ask what is happening to the 5$ monthly credit? why did it not appear in the current invoice?
The representative did not know why and he simply suggest me to be patient and wait for the next invoice (it's been 4 weeks from the last time I called Fido and its still not fixed). He said he cannot guarantee that the credit will appear but there may be a delay for the credit to appear.
Since February 2022, I have a problems with the invoices, i have to call non-stop to get them fixed, and all I was suggested is to be patient and wait.
I want to know to what extend should I wait for things to be fixed?
The representative on April 8 clearly told me that the credit will be appearing on the next invoice so i would expecting that to happen, but it did not. So, it was a false information given to the client. And now, nobody can guarantee me if this credit is confirmed or not for the next invoice.
It is very unfair that the client is penalized for a misleading information given by the representative (current May invoice did not have the 5$ credit).
<span;>This is very frustrated, I have been with Fido for more than 10years and this is what I get for my loyalty to Fido



Hello @philip100,


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Whenever any changes including price increases will happen Fido always notifies us at least three months on our invoice. You said you have a $5 credit for 24 months that will expire on March 2024 that means you got the credit applied to the account in February/March this year, what was the credit for? are you currently financing a device? If I'm not mistaken all the accounts that got the price increase and if you were in a contract would see the price increase but would also see a $5 credit that will offset the increase, is this what you received?


When doing any plan changes all add-ons and credits are removed if any can be applied again on the new plan will be determined at that time. 


From what you said I do not think the agent give you false information, you said the agent told you


she will issue a request to give the 24months credit back to me and it should appear starting the next invoice. 

Since she told you she will make a request and it should appear on your next invoice that's only if it request was approved, if you got the $5 credit because of the price increase and the credit was applied to offset it then you will not be eligible to get the credit.