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service fee that i wasn't told about

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello I am a new immigrant and i went to buy a prepaidsim card at rogers store, I ve chosen the plan of 40dollars that i saw on the net in rogers website. the person working there proposed the fido 38$ plan. so i said ok. now to my surprise i see the bill 94$. I checked with the online services they told me that s the service fee. The person working at the store never told me anything about the service fee. I am a new comer i know nothis about this. the least she could do is to tell me that there is a fee to pay. as a new immigrant the last thing i want is to sped that amount on sim bills . This is not right at all , I think that this is dishonesty, she should have been honest with me and told me clearly that there will be a fee and that if i activate it online it wont cost a fee....i have the right to know what am paying for. is there a way for this fee to be waived knowing that the person in store never mentioned anything about this fee. Or else i will have to cancel my sim with Fido




Hello @Amelia3,


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Sorry to hear that the agent did not explain all the associated fees and how it works when activating a new account. 


I would suggest you go back to the store and speak to the manager and see what they are willing to do, I do know sometimes the stores have promotions where the fee will be waived, how it works is that you will be charged the fee on but you will receive a credit on your second or third invoice. 


At this time I would suggest you contact the store.