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Complaint about Chat Support Person

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I had my account temporarily suspended for 6 months and when I suddenly began to receive texts and calls, I realized that I had forgotten to extend the suspension. I was connected with a person named "Donna" in the chat support. I explained my problem and asked if I could have my bill with the phone plan waived or reversed (although I had a faint idea that it wouldn't be possible) because I wasn't in a position to make a payment of that size.

However, Donna instead of offering me alternative solutions just kept trying to blame it on me saying "it is your responsibility to look at the bill" among other things and was just extremely unhelpful when it actually came to solving my problem. I spoke with Donna for over 2 hours before she transferred me to a supervisor who was way more helpful. 


These are not responses I'd like to met with when I'm already having a tough time. I am not usually affected by things like this, but it appalls me that someone could lack even an iota of empathy while dealing with a situation like this.



Hello @Sreenidhi and thank you for sharing your experience with us here.


I'm sorry to learn that you had trouble getting this resolved. I'm glad to find out you were able to get in contact with a supervisor to get this fixed.


If you have any questions about the way the temporary suspension works, you can always find the ways to reach us here.