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Complain about promotional plan prices

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am writing to express my dismay at the Fido phone plan services.


I arranged my phone plan in Fido’s store (705 rue Ste-Catherine O, Unit 2136) on August 11th, 2021. I bought an iPhone 12 Pro and arranged the phone plan for 20 GB per month. I was charged fifty-five (55) dollars each month for the phone plan without taxes. At that time, the price was in a promotion. After choosing this plan, I have paid for this for four months, from August to December.


In December, when I looked up the phone plan for my friend on the Fido app, I suddenly saw the price of the same plan is fifty (5o) dollars, five dollars less than the promotion price. But in the past four months, even though Fido had emailed me several times, and I also had communications online for services of the phone plan, no one reminded me that there is a lower price for the same plan. And every month I logged into the Fido app, there was no notice or message for me to change the plan’s price.


I write this complaint letter to ask Fido to improve their customer services and require my compensation. I hope Fido can provide more information and updates about their plans and prices. For example, set a discount reminder when a lower price is available or use text messages or emails to inform customers of the newest products and cost-effective plans. For compensation, I have paid for four months, so I want compensation for twenty dollars. For all customers, the best service is to help them save money and achieve the same satisfaction in the meantime. When the company stands on the consumers’ side, consumers will feel that this company really cares about their feelings and always puts the consumers beyond its profits. Therefore, customers will trust the company, and the company can also get more profit.


I bought my phone in Fido, no matter in selections of plans and phones and the purchase process, I do feel that all the customer services in Fido are excellent, and the process is well-organized. Therefore, they can help me find a satisfying plan at a better price. But because of the price changes in my plan, I hope that Fido can improve their services to notice all the customers with all recent updates.


You can reach me with this email, and I hope Fido will pay attention to improving your customer services as soon as possible to provide customers with a better shopping experience.


Hello @YijinF , sorry you weren't aware of plan price changes. They are constantly changing as market modeling changes,holiday specials, new customer incentives arise, etc. I frequently check the plan offerings for changes that would benefit me and if I have a financed device, which plans would be available to me according to my device financing. I understand that it would be immensely easier for us if the mobile phone provider would contact us directly with pricing changes, but they are posted as they change on the website and in the app.  Like any other service, it's advisable to pay attention to the pricing changes. You can check the plan prices through the app or online on the Fido website. It's really important to read the emails that arrive or check plan pricing changes to see what's available to us. There's always changes happening,  so to read the marketing emails and checking plan pricing could definitely lower your monthly cost. I don't know of any company that contacts customers individually as price changes occur. Our contract guarantees that our price won't increase during the contract period not decrease. So due diligence is important. You can contact customer support to see if they have any policy around plan pricing reduction Here 

I hope that was a clear answer. You may get a resolution with contacting customer support.