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Chose a number and close browser and gone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

When I sign up my plan via, I saw there were two consecutive numbers. Say ending 123 & 124. I selected 123 and changed my mind for 124 and want to leave 123 for my husband. Since I can't go back to the previous page, I closed the browser and open again to select 124 but 123 has not appeared again. My husband started to sign up the plan later and waited and waited, 124 did not appear again...


I checked MyAccount, there are 4 mobile accounts, it is because I selected numbers and closed the browers several times? Is it possible to let my husband to get the 124 number later?





Hello @bululu,


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If the number does not show up in the pool of numbers it is possible it's taken already or because you closed the browser. What you can do is go ahead with your plan, choose another number and you can always keep checking after to see if the number comes back. I would suggest checking first thing in the mornings.


To change your number, log in to your account on select the line you want to do the number change at the bottom you should see change my number.