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Change of plan

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My husband and I have bought the fido plan (40$-8G and 45$-15G). But the price and G amount is much for us and both want 35$plan. But I can not find the 35$ plan. How can I change our plans.


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Senior MVP

Hello Zahra-km,


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  I'm not exactly sure to which $35 plan you refer. Are you referring to a promotional offer you have seen or the low-cost plan as stipulated by the CRTC (see here)? If you are referring to the former, you should note that certain promotions are not available for everyone. The system would provide you with any promotions available to your line(s). On the other hand, if you are referring to the low-cost plan, Fido has them listed under Basic plans:


~taken from


  If that is the plan you are wanting, you might consider familiarising yourself with the different service offering associated with Basic plans.


Hope this helps 😀






Hello @Zahra-km,


Welcome to the community!


You can change your plan to any of the plans offered on when you log in and go to change plan if any of the plans offered are not within your budget you can always reach out to customer service directly and see what they can do for you.