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Is call forwarding compromised ? I have my call forwarding turned off

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



Hi @Crazycanuc , I haven't seen that menu before. I learn something new everyday. Back to your question,  were you trying to use call forwarding and then couldn't cancel it? Or were you checking your settings and noticed it was on? I just did a quick search and found that to disable call forwarding the code is #21# and to enable it the code is *21*  you could try the disable code and see if that works for you. Otherwise you may want to contact Fido customer support and inquire with technical support.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thanks Lucy, a friend sugested that i enter a code ( *#62# )  that would enable me to see if anyone was using my phone somehow to route calls through. I did and noticed the grey page came up and said my Setting interrogation voice call forwarding when unreachable was enabled!. I thoungh this to be strange because my CF is tuned off in settings. thanks

Hello @Crazycanuc,


If someone calls your phone and you do not answer and it goes to voicemail then your phone is working as it should. 


If you set up call forwarding depending on how you set it up this is how it will work you either forward all calls to a number of your choosing or it can forward after it rings on your phone and you do not answer.


The screenshot you posted just means that calls are forwarded when unreachable which means its either going to your voicemail or if you changed it to another number since you said you did not enable call forwarding then I would assume it is being forwarded to your voicemail. 

I know years ago Fido made changes and if you have voicemail and enable call forwarding all calls will be forwarded to the number of your choosing it will not ring your phone. The only way to make it ring your phone before being forwarded to the number of your choosing is by removing voicemail. 

So if you have voicemail and your phone rings then go to voicemail if you do not answer then your forwarding in not "compromised".