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Cannot set the actual exact address

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Whenever I set up my address, it can only be accurate to the road name and area code, but if I don't fill in my apartment name and room number, how can fido accurately send me a refund cheque? But every time I add the name of the apartment building to the address, fido hints that it's not a valid address!

by the way,If I can get the refund directly into my bank account, I don't have to struggle with the address,so please tell me how.


Every time I want to call fido , it asks for a fido phone number, but I've already transferred from fido to virgin so I can't enter the fido number



Hey @jiaobu Smiley


Sorry to hear about that!  


If you can't call in to request assistance, we're also available via Live Chat or Social Media. 

We'll be happy to help from there.


You can find the links to these contact methods here