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Cannot get price match as promised

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi there,


I came here to report a bad incident which happened with me recently, it was regarding the price match of Iphone 12 128G. I bought it from Costco on Nov 22, 2021, I paid $136 as down payment and monthly payment was $33 that day. The price dropped to 0 down with $22/mo on Nov 27, 2021. I went back to Costco to match price and was told they can only match monthly payment but not for DP becuase they didn't have same phone in stock. However, the agent helped me contact through online chat and confirmed I was eligible to get the DP back, I1744366249 was created and I was told to wait a few days for processing.


Case was creasted on Nov 27 but uptill now Dec 12 it's still pending. I called yesterday morning to track, the agent said she created another case I1751848413 for me and I was told to call back in 3-4 days if nothing happens. After the call, I noticed my existing account credit $-56.50 was gone, which was a refund of the activation fee.  That time the call centre was closed, so I chatted online with an agent and was told the agent I spoke the in morning requested a cheque to send to my home and removed my account credit. I cannot understand why she would do something I've never asked for. So I doubted if she really understood my concern and created my incident correctly. I asked the agent if he can check what's I1751848413 regarding, but he refused to answer my question, just kept telling me that I was not eligible to get the down payment back because he didn't see my down payment history. 


I bought the phone on Nov 22, 2021, had the receipt with me and also have confirmation email from Fido. I didn't understand why he told me that I was not eligible while someone already confirmed I was eligible 2 weeks ago. If I'm not eligible, I should have been told at the beginning and I can return the phone or went to the store in the following days to check if they have same phone in stock to repurchase directly. Now it's past 15 days return period and I was told not eligible to get my down payment back. 


I have been with Fido for more 7 years and I trusted Fido so much, so I was patient enough to wait 2 weeks to receive my credit.  Now I had to repeat my situation over and over, got different answers from different agents, some agent changed my account credits without my authorization, some one was really rude to me kepting telling me I didn't pay down payment while I did! I can understand Fido might have alot of customers and doesn't care if a loyal customer like me might leave. But I just wanna say at least we should be treated fairly.


I'm requesting to get my down payment back as the deal we made. If this incident cannot be resolved, I'll file a complaint to CCTS as I have all receipts and chat history as proof. I believe as a loyal customer, I don't deserve to be treated like this.

Thank you!!



Hey @micholic


Thank you for the details you've provided us.


Rest assured that we value your loyalty and will do our best to help you on the Community!


If the device price changed within the 15 days Satisfaction Guarantee period, the price will be adjusted. It may take the back office team a little time to apply the adjustments, but it will be done. I'll send you a private message shortly so we can take a look at your other concerns together.


P.S: I had to remove the screenshots you posted as they go against the terms.


Talk soon!