Cancellation of Fido Mobile Account

Cancellation of Fido Mobile Account

Cancellation of Fido Mobile Account

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Cancellation of Fido Mobile Account

To whom it may concern.


This account should of been cancelled back in march 2018 and my little brother is no longer using the phone. But is still recieveing bills and late charges. Also I contacted fido on my little brothers behalf due to his medical status and they said that there was nothing they could do. I however have permission from my little brother Justin Bemis to look into whats going on with his account as he still has a monthly charge being done.I would like to speak with someone on the matter to resolve this issue as my brother has no means of income nore is medically able to work. 




Sara Bemis

Former Moderator

Hey Sara!


We'd be happy to look into this with this but we'll need a few clarifications first. 


Did your little brother reach out to us to request that the account be closed back in March? Is the account under his name?


Are you an authorized user on his account or do you mean that you are a legal representative for your little brother?


In terms of closing an account, this is something that only the account holder can do, so, if you are an authorized user, he will need to be the one that contacts us directly, whereas, if you have power of attorney, then we can make the changes for you.


Talk to you soon!