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Canceling Device Protection

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello there,

I was wondering how to cancel the preium device protection? I tried calling but the phone wait times is too long. 
Previous posts suggested I private message Fido Solutions, but then they told me to post here. Not sure how to get this 13cad per device extra charge to both numbers I have on my account.


Any help appreciated. Thanks.



Hey @iWonder


A few add-ons can only be removed through customer care channels and the device protection is one of them. While we love to help our valued customers, the Community is not a primary servicing channel. For that you can contact us through these methods. I understand the wait time on call was long, but don't forget that we provide other support channels as well to assist our customers. 😊


You can send us private message on Facebook/twitter for a quicker response, or even message us through live chat. I hope this helps!