Can’t unlock front door to apartment complex with keypad

Can’t unlock front door to apartment complex with keypad

Can’t unlock front door to apartment complex with keypad

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Can’t unlock front door to apartment complex with keypad

Hi everyone,


I recently moved into a new apartment complex that allowed me to set up my phone number in the intercom system so that someone who shows up could click my name, it would call my phone, I would answer and press “6” or “9” on my cellphone and it would unlock for them.


The problem is it doesn’t seem to be working, and after calling the people responsible for setting it up they said they couldn’t do anything since it seems to just be a problem with me, and suggested I contact my carrier.


I’ve browsed a lot online and found that it might be that the DTMF tone may not be playing long enough to register (seems likely, since after I press 6 it disconnects rather fast). I’ve also seen posts suggesting to change my LTE settings to data only instead of “voice and data”, although I already have it set to data only.  Any other suggestions?


I have an iPhone SE running iOS 11.4.1 


thanks in advance!

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I have the same issue with my girlfriend, she's also with Fido, with an Iphone 8 (she had an Iphone 6 it was the same). And me I have a Pixel 2.
Both numbers are going straight to a message: "This number is not correct/reachable", a message in english for my girlfriend, and a message un french for me.
Any suggestions ?


Hello Guybrush113,


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  It seems like your issues are slightly different from that stated above. From the OP's description, the call appeared to connect and their issue was regarding their phone not sending back the proper signal.


  Have you verified the building complex has your correct phone numbers? Are your phone numbers in the same area code as the building? When I moved cities, my building could not use my phone number for the buzzer system because it could not handle long distance numbers. I had to get a different local number for the system to work. Is it possible your situation is similar?


Hope this helps Smiley



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Thank you for the quick answer !

We double and triple checked both of our numbers, and they are correct.

The number calling from the intercom is a 514*, like both of our numbers.

I've already went in 2 different Fido stores to ask if somehow they block a kind of number, but they said no.

It's been 6 months we are trying anything, It's quite aweful we can't order food :D

Hey @Guybrush113


You mentioned that your girlfriend had a Iphone 6 before.


It used to work with that device before she got her new phone?

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Hello !

No she had the same issue with her old Iphone 5 😞

Are you aware if other tenants are experiencing the same problem @Guybrush113


I understand you also tested with a few mobile devices, did you ever try connecting it to a landline by any chance? 


Keep us posted! 

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That's what I find weird, I didn't hear anything about other tenants.
My landlord keeps telling us is a "Fido's issue", after saying it was our phones who were blocking the phone number of the intercom as a spam.
I disabled the filtering of spam calls on my Android, and it made no differences 😕

We don't have any landline, so we can't test with it.

I'm out of ideas 😞

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Hey @Guybrush113


Do you know if your neighbors are using a cellphone to unlock the door or if they're using landlines?


Hey @CannonX13,


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That's a really good question, have you tried contacting Apple directly to see if there's anything they can do about the DTMF tone?


Also, @Community, does anyone have any suggestions?