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Can't make heads or tails of bill.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, I'm new to forum. Had Fido service for a few months now. Has been ok overall. I make payments on bill pay CIBC app, shows paid immediately, but seems to take a few days to process. Then I get an email from Fido thanking for payment. I'd rather do this way than auto pay. I try to keep minimal $ in bank accounts. I have ICBC car insurance on auto pay in Simplii account. I just make sure there's $73 in account every month before 9th.

As for coverage on most part ok, from Vancouver area where work, to out in the valley in Mission staying at my sister's house in guest room. I always have ample GBs as use Shaw WiFi at her house. I got bumped up to 15GBs per month. As others mentioned, I don't understand the  free 5GB sessions. I think once you engage a session you have to use all at once? Like streaming movies on a binge watch.

So I was out in Chilliwack earlier this week, for work doing storm drain cleanup at gas station. 

So right when I needed service most, as trying to monitor hwy closures RoadsBC etc , got no internet! Showed an E, no LTE or 4G. Internet not available! I was able to make calls like to 511 is road information, but that's a whole other ball of wax in the frustration arena, with voice prompts, keypad wasn't working for yes no, hwy #s.

So I paid monthly bill of $50.40 on due date 11-27, as cashed paycheque on Saturday at RBC, then put Fido amount in chequing account at CIBC. I also paid off my credit card of over $300, mostly gas to & from work in Vancouver. I use work trucks. Sometimes pay for like $100 diesel, but will get reimbursed. Also this past work week I saved a couple of days on gas, as took 1000 gal truck home to do Chilliwack work order.

But a cluster-F on the Fido bill. I couldn't understand why made $50.40 payment ontime, then shows -100.40!?! 

I tried Jack, is a joke. I may as well chase my tail like a dog, or chase the flashlight on the floor like my sister's Shelty, "Kapri"  does. I made small snowballs out of remnants of yesterday's snowfall, and threw them at her. She loves the snow, more than rain not too fond of. As she's so bushy hairy and likes to stay dry.

Anyway, now bill says $50. end of cycle 11-30 no payment required. So I'm left scratching my head.

Also when I called Fido customer service the other day, said 3 hour wait! I hung up. 


  •  Shelty "Kapri" I put her on chair after a glass broke in kitchen.

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Senior MVP

Hello Degener8,


  Welcome to the community!


  Firstly, you should note that payments need to be received by the due date in order to prevent any late fees. Depending on your payment method, the length of time it takes for a payment to be received by Fido can vary (see here). It would be the customer's responsibility to ensure that are received by the due date.


  That said, I'm not sure your situation shows a late payment.


@Degener8 wrote:.. I couldn't understand why made $50.40 payment ontime, then shows -100.40!?! 

  If your account showed a negative amount, that would indicate that you had a credit of $100.40 on your account after your payment. Once the payment had been processed, I think you might still have a credit of $50 on your account. Was that a negative amount? You might consider viewing the billing details via My Account --> Billing & Payments --> View Bill. From there, you should be able to Save and/or Print your bill. Alternatively, you should also be able to view the details online. Is it possible you received a bill credit of $50 for some reason?


  If you would like to discuss your bill, you would need to contact customer service. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


  With regards to the 5 Extra Hours (Data Bytes), you are correct. Once started, you would have to use the entire hour in one session. There isn't the option to pause an extra hour. You can refer here for additional information.


  Depending on your location when you were in Chilliwack, coverage might have been spotty. There are relatively few Fido/Rogers cellular towers in the area:


~taken from here.


  If your location is outside of Fido/Rogers coverage, but within another provider's coverage, there are roaming agreements which allow Fido/Rogers customers to use those networks (extended coverage or Fido-EXT). To use data in extended coverage, you would need to enable roaming on your device. Voice calls and messaging should automatically roam when required. You should note that extended coverage usage is meant on a temporary basis and the majority of your usage needs to be on the Fido/Rogers networks. You might consider trying to manually connecting to Fido-EXT to see if you can use data in that area. However, you should note that the 5 Extra Hours are not available in extended coverage areas.


Hope this helps 😀