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Can't afford a cheap service!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Last month I spent 10 days in the US, where Fido's roaming service proved practically useless everywhere I visited in Washington, Oregon and California, rural and urban areas alike. The call service was totally down (couldn't even call 911!), and the internet service was so slow I sometimes had to wait for up to 10 minutes for a simple web page to load. Their customer service chat service was dysfunctional during the whole period. Interestingly, I was charged the full fee of 12 dollars per day of use. When I contacted them to complain on my return, they said there's nothing they could do about it except for a refund for a single day! I was also told it's not Fido's fault but their US partners!!! The question is if Fido can't provide a decent roaming service even in a developed neighboring country, what gives them to right to lie about offering this service?

In the 7 years I was a loyal Fido customer, I'd experienced total outages (like the one in July 2022), poor reception ( both during my hikes as well as in my own home in downtown Vancouver), disconnected voice calls with an alarming regularity everywhere, unacceptable customer service (especially these days with the ASKJACK bot instead of a proper human agent), and cyber fraud due to Fido's lack of proper security measures (they used my Fido account to hack into my bank accounts). The roaming catastrophe was the last straw. I have now switched to another company which has so far offered me a much more reliable service with a higher quality and at the same price as Fido's.

My recommendation? Resist the temptation of a few extra gigabytes of data Fido may offer you. Cheap things often come at a high price.



Hi @SamApres,


Sorry to hear you are no longer with us. We will be sure to pass your comments along.