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Can i use a expired passport

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Can I use a expired passport to activate a SIM card in store for my phone I already have a Fido account I've tried so many different times the guy on the phone said that my passport will work if it has my picture on it even if it is expired can somebody clarify this I'm having a really rough time activating my SIM card cause I could swear last time I needed to activate a SIM card I didn't need identification they just had me answer security questions


please help I also have my birth certificate but no ID OR DRIVERS LICENSE PLEASE HELP 

Troy G.

good morning @Troyzerboy  you are getting great advice from @KAPABLE-K . However, may I ask you to remove a line in your request above? This sentence is unneccessary and could be hurtful to many people. I won't quote it, but you probably can see what I mean. Please and thank you. 

"You don't know other peoples pain until you walk in their shoes"

regards, OL


Hello @Troyzerboy,


It should not be a problem as the passport is a valid photo ID even if it is expired, just like an expired driver's license can be used as a valid photo ID only. I would suggest you also take a bill or something with your current address also just in case. 


The reason behind having to show ID now is because of the SIM swapping scams that have been going on, where someone would call in a pretend to be you and change the SIM card so they can get verification codes to your financials if you have two-step authentication setup.