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Can I get some discount on my huge mobile bill of $2100?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I purchased a new fido postpaid sim just 2 months back in a store when I was new to Canada. the store girl who offered me fido plan promised me that she was going to add unlimited US calling to plan. But unfortunately she didn't add that in my plan which I didn't noticed before. I started using the sim for my office conf call to US daily. Since the unlimited US calling was not added to plan, I was got charged for all my US calls. Now I got bill CAD 2100 which I cannot afford at all.


When I checked with the store where I purchased the sim, the girl is not working in that store any more. I checked with customer service to see if I can get any discount on my huge bill but I didn't get help.


Can anyone please help me if I can get any discount on my bill? 


Thank you in advance



Hey @881509137


Receiving that kind of a bill is certainly an unpleasant experience for people! We're sorry to learn that is the case for you. Had you checked the documents provided in store to see what was included in your plan and if there was any such LD call add-on?


Paying that amount altogether is definitely a lot. The good news is that you can reach out to our Credit Operations team to pay it off is partial payments.