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Call and delivery wait time

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



So today I decided to call customer services. And waited on the line for 2Hrs 37minutes and nobody answered. I decided to hang up and call it a day. The wait time for customer service is unacceptable. I also ordered a phone on the 6th of January and today 12 days later the phone has not been shipped yet.... 


Is this normal?


If an admin reads this please dont tell me wait times because of Covid and Omicron are longer.


Thank you


I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Why is there such long wait times today? .. I'm getting annoyed having to spend so much time talking to this phone company so often. I just had my husbands phone almost blow up and then we ordered a new one paid $600 like a month ago and now this new phone just won't turn on. I've been on hold multiple times today for almost an hour each time and still have not spoken to anyone. I've even tried their chat option but that too has a long wait. I'm so confused on why it's taking this much effort and I still haven't been able to speak to anyone. 

Hey @User5556, Alex here! 


Sorry to see you've been having such a hard time getting in touch with our customer service, that's definitely not how we want things to go. 


We have been quite busy since the Black Friday weekend, but no worries, we're getting back to normal now so I would recommend giving it another try, you should be able to speak with someone in a timely manner now. 


You can find all of the ways to reach out here.

Hello @Joekhalil89 , as a matter of fact wait times are longer because of covid as there's so many people off work sick with covid. It's putting a strain on everything. May I recommend contacting fidosolutions on Twitter with a dm and open a conversation that can be had more comfortably without sitting on the phone for long periods of time? I am the worst person at waiting on a phone for anything. Social media support saves my sanity. Hope that gives you another avenue to pursue. Better days ahead. Cheers